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So, I did not quite get around to actually turning on my computer last night. Jim opted to tear apart our half-bath on Thursday night, and when we returned yesterday afternoon, we still had work to do to make it a functioning bathroom again. Add to that daylight savings time and springing ahead and the general exhaustion I felt from the concert the night prior and you have a recipe for just sitting down and relaxing. Hence, the Sunday Salon post that I wanted to write on Sunday is actually getting written on Monday. Oh well.

Muse concert
The concert – OMG. Muse. Was. Absolutely. Phenomenal. I had the pleasure of seeing Coldplay and U2 last year, and I feel that Muse blew both of those bands out of the water. Matt Bellamy took some chances on their latest album by including his three-part symphony he wrote; I was positively stunned (and thrilled) to see them include Part 1 in their concert. Dom and Chris performed a breath-taking duet while the stagehands were removing the grand piano; it remains one of the songs that Jim and I are still discussing two days later. I knew they were outstanding musicians, but my respect and admiration for all three has only increased tenfold after seeing their performance on Saturday. It was such a mind-blowingly outstanding concert that it is all I can do to purchasing tickets for another concert anywhere in the U.S. We both agree that we would kill to be able to see them perform outside the U.S., where they are properly revered and appreciated for their talents. Saturday confirmed what the rest of the world already understands – Matt, Dom and Chris are music gods!
I have been so busy getting ready for the concert, traveling to and from soccer and piano, and helping Jim with our bathroom that I am severely behind on posts, reviews, and my feed reader, along with household chores. I have no idea when I am going to get caught up either, since Connor is supposed to have a three-game soccer tournament this weekend, and we have various practices every day this week. It would help tremendously if the field had wi-fi, but I think that may be asking a bit too much. I hate feeling this behind on things, especially when I WANT to write. I also want to get back to writing for; I have severely neglected my column over the past two months and have some ideas for future articles there. It all comes down to time, and unfortunately, there is not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I want to do.
If you cannot tell, I am struggling right now to find the right balance between have-to’s and want-to’s. How do others balance life’s chores? Do you schedule your day down to the minute? Do you spend one night a week doing one thing on your to-do list or do you prefer tackling everything every day, even if it means only working on said items for a few minutes each day? For those of you with children, how do you while away your time at the numerous practices? Do you read and use that time to relax, or do you try to fit in some of the items on your to-do list? I am open to any suggestion possible at this point in time, as the spring is only going to get worse with scheduling issues and lack of time.

Happy Ides of March!  I refuse to believe that today is unlucky, mainly because I am still flying off of adrenaline from Saturday night.  I hope everyone has a great day and even better week. 

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