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T-minus five days until my exam.  I know you will be happy when I stop obsessing about this blasted thing.  I know I will be.  Studying for this cumulative essay/practical exam has been the biggest challenge of my life.  I am not certain I will ever feel comfortable with the material about which I should be an expert.  Therefore, I have decided that I will not be postponing the exam.  So, I have four hours on Friday to spout out everything I remember in a clear and coherent fashion, praying that the questions asked are ones about which I am most familiar, and hope for the best.  If not, I can take it again in three months.  (Yikes!)

Work has, thankfully, been tremendously slow this past week, allowing me to spend quite a bit of time studying during the day.  With multiple, and lengthy, soccer practices during the week, I was actually able to start and finish three different books.  I think that is a record for me, at least while I have been going through this certification process.  I will most likely spend some time later this afternoon to write up those reviews and schedule them throughout the week.  I know I will not be online much until Friday afternoon, so this will fill in the gaps until I can focus on normal, fun things again.

On an even better note, Suey from It’s All About Books was lovely enough to give me this beautiful award.

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She passed along this award to me “because we both ‘get’ the Muse thing”.  Yes, we do, and we valiantly try to share our love with the rest of the U.S. because they deserve to learn about this fantastic band too!  It makes me all sunshine-y just thinking about Muse, and conversations with Suey about them.  Have fun at the concert in just over a week, Suey!  And thanks for the award!

I’m passing along this award to anyone who leaves me a comment because really, comments make me feel good, just like the sun does.  So, please take this and spread some joy!

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I got some bad news, which turned in to some good news this weekend.  My dad called last night to say that his work schedule was erroneous and that the weekend he thought was free and during which they were going to visit actually is not.  This means that we will not have visitors during the next read-a-thon.  So, as sad as I am that I will not be seeing my parents any time soon, it means that I can start laying plans to participate on April 10th.  Woot woot!!

That’s about it from here, my online friends.  My feed reader remains at an embarrassing high number of unread posts, but it will have to stay that way until next weekend.  As much I want to find out what everyone is doing and reading, I do feel some obligation to continue to study as much as I can force myself to concentrate.  You may or may not see me around the Twitterverse or blogging world, but I will be back in full force after 12 PM on Friday.  The countdown is on! 

Have a great week, everyone!

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