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I have gotten a glimpse of what club soccer means for our weekends, and I am both excited and a bit worried.  We spent Saturday and Sunday morning at a soccer tournament.  Friday was the last of indoor soccer with Connor playing two games then.  All told, he played five soccer games in 72 hours.  And he is not even the slightest bit tired, or at least that is what he said.  To see the boys play, it is going to be an exciting season even though we will be giving up many hours to games and practices. 

In between games yesterday, we managed to get some chores done.  With all the running around, I think Jim and I were more tired than Connor.  Jim had some grand ideas about finishing up the chores today, but I promptly took a nap.  It was a long week, and honestly, I just wanted to do something I wanted to do versus tackling something on my to-do list.  Sometimes, you just have to take some time for yourself.

I spent a greater part of the week sharing deep thoughts with everyone.  I have been thinking about why we blog.  There have been so many people who have talked about quitting, stepping away, or reading deliberately in an effort take control of their reading and blogging.  So, I asked the question of why we continue to blog.  I also spoke of the issue of hype and how it impacts our reading.  It happened to me this week with The Postmistress and was curious what others thought about hype and the novel.  I really liked taking a few moments to sit and write down what crosses my mind at times, and it seemed to generate quite a bit of discussion (for me anyway).  For not having planned any posts or written a book review in quite some time, I filled up the week pretty well!

This weekend, I managed to finish another book, one I received as a Christmas gift.  It was not very good, but I finished another book on my unread list.  Unfortunately, I have reached the point where I have no idea what to read next.  Do I read an ARC?  Do I choose a lengthier one?  Or knowing that I need to get serious about studying for my exam in two weeks, do I pick a lighter selection?  Better yet, do I let choose for me for my Random Reads Challenge?  So many books from which to choose, and nothing is calling to me.  Ugh.

This week will see me studying in earnest and spending time at soccer practices (three this week).  I’m hoping the weather cooperates because practice is much more enjoyable when the weather is nice.  I’m taking requests on which book to read (check out my TBR list on Goodreads) next – something that is not going to be too distracting (i.e. that will not cause me to lose sleep or have me dropping everything to read).  What do you think?

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