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Hype.  On the one hand, it can be a great thing.  It can create buzz about a novel that might otherwise have gone unnoticed in the book world.  It single-handedly can increase wish lists and piles of books to be read tenfold.  It can generate discussion after discussion about a subject matter, and in the constant battle for literacy, this is a very good thing. 

Unfortunately, as with everything, it is a double-edged sword.  What happens when you read a book that, in your opinion, does not live up to the hype?  What happens when everyone you know and respect is raving about a certain book that left you feeling rather “meh”? 

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This is where I am with The Postmistress.  I still want to love it.  I mean, people are putting it on their Best of 2010 lists!  So, when I finished it up last night, and I did not have the blown mind that others described, I’m left wondering what I missed.  Did I read it too fast?  In my desire to not have to interpret and decipher novels, did I fail to interpret a key element?  Were my expectations too high? 

The sad part is that I do not hate it; in fact, I really did enjoy the novel.  However, I am not certain I would be putting it on any Best of 2010 lists at any point in time.  I am still formulating my thoughts for my review, but I waffled between completely intrigued and wanting to hurry up to finish it.  I had to force myself to pick it up or prevent myself from drifting to another book I want to read.  I was not blown away like everyone else appears to be.

How do others deal with hype?  Do you ignore it?  Do you keep your expectations low?  How do you prevent it from impacting your final thoughts on a novel?  Also, if you have read The Postmistress, what did you love about it?  What made you rave about it to others?  What did I miss?

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