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Since I am struggling to pick my next book from my TBR pile, I am particularly interested in this week’s discussion:

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about tbr books.

Where do you keep the books on the top of the tbr pile? Not the bunk of the mountain, but just the tip of the peak – the ‘almost up to’ books?

Because I am so anal-retentive organized, I do not rank my TBR lists.  I have them in alphabetical order on two specially-designated shelves.  I think that is my problem.  I have so many books that are on those shelves, and I want to read them all.  Unfortunately, when it comes to selecting the next one, I have difficulties choosing from among them.  Most of the time, one book calls to me more than the others, but lately, I cannot choose.  There are just too many, and I have too many outside distractions to choose.  Maybe if I ranked them at first, then when it comes time for the next book I would not struggle so much.  This is a recent phenomenon, so I am hoping it is just what is occurring in my life right now and not a sign of things to come. 

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