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Musing Mondays ButtonOne of my favorite things about this particular meme is that it not only requires you to think, but it also allows us to share a bit more about ourselves so that our readers understand we are more than our reviews, our books, and other memes.  Sure, the questions are book-related, but they often allow us the opportunity to share our reasons behind our actions.  If this doesn’t promote a sense of community and getting to know each other, I don’t know what does!

Anyway, enough about that.  On to this week’s question, as always provided by Rebecca!

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about dust jackets.

Do you prefer books with a dust jacket? What do you do with your dust jacket while reading? Leave it on or take it off? (Question courtesy of Kim from Page after Page)

I am not a fan of dust jackets.  Isn’t that awful?  I think a book looks so much more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing when it is sitting on my shelf without its dust jacket that upon finishing reading a book and deciding to keep it, I will recycle the dust jacket and proudly place the book on its shelf naked.  To be completely honest, I really do not like dust jackets when I am reading a book for the first time either, as I feel they slide around to much and just get in the way.   I do believe that they serve a purpose in protecting the binding on an initial read, so I will gamely keep it on for that first read.  That way, the book is immaculate no matter if I decide to give it away or keep it for myself!

I want to hear others’ thoughts on dust jackets?  If you remove them, when do you do so?  Am I alone in thinking a naked book looks prettier on a shelf than a jacketed book?

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