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I am a sad blogger today.  First of all, after some excitement last week about me researching BEA and the Book Blogger Con, I realized that to go on that trip would be selfish of me.  My son turns ten on the day of the BBC.  I cannot miss his birthday.  It isn’t every day my baby enters into the age of double digits.  As much as I really want to meet everyone, it just is not in the cards for me this year.

I would be able to make my peace with the idea of no BBC and no BEA because I still consider myself a newbie at this blogging thing.  I am just now getting unsolicited pitches for books from other sources.  I still have not had a chance to truly immerse myself into this thing as much as I would like because of the certification exams.  So, I really am okay with it.  After all, there are other online blogging events in which I can participate, right?

It turns out I was wrong.  No read-a-thon for me this spring.  Even though I would be done with my last exam (ever!) and would have a free weekend, it turns out my parents are planning to visit that weekend.  As much as I would love twenty-four hours of nothing but reading and blogging, family comes first.  I have not seen my parents since Thanksgiving, so they deserve my attention.  I can always have my own mini read-a-thon at some other date, even though I am going to miss all the mini-challenges and cheerleading and everything that made the fall event so much fun for me. 

I’ll get over my disappointment.  I always do.  This is just and will remain a hobby and should in no way interfere with my family.  That does not mean I cannot mourn the possibilities for a day or two.  In addition, I vow I will do everything possible to participate in the fall read-a-thon though. I promise!

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