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I spent the large majority of yesterday trying to reach my final destination for what will most likely be my last business trip for a very long time.  My job does not require me to meet customers or collaborate with other co-workers at different locations.  This professional development course is the first time I have ever had a good reason to get on a plane and visit our headquarters or other locations and meet some of my co-workers.  That part has been fun.

And while I am not a seasoned traveler by any means, I have learned a few things about the process, which I thought I would share with you.

    Three Business Men in Airport

  1. As a mother, there is nothing quite like the solitude of a quiet hotel room.  Seriously, it is the reason why I love business travel.  Getting away from the nagging, constant questioning, fighting, running around to various activities, and general worry makes me better appreciate what I have…after at least one night of nothing but silence.
  2. A majority of the travelers these days are men.  I find this very, very sad.  Most of the women travelers are mothers with young children or retirees off to visit children.  Apparently, I am not the only woman who does not travel very often.
  3. No one looks like this in the airport.  Let me clarify.  They ALL are on the phone talking or checking their watches or on their laptops, but no one wears a power suit on the airplane. 
  4. White stretch pants that are too tight with a blue thong and no oversized sweater is NOT a pretty sight.
  5. For that matter, track suits, pajamas, and any other sportswear is not a pretty look when traveling either.  Have some pride, people!
  6. No matter how small you are, you will still get bumped, jostled, and bruised by the flight attendants and your seat partner.  Be prepared.
  7. If you ever felt pretty good about yourself and your place in life, just fly coach.  It will rid you of your delusions very, very quickly.
  8. Often, the infants and the young children are the best fellow passengers.  It is the adults about which you need to worry. Two Happy Airplane Passengers
  9. No one looks like this on the plane.
  10. It will always take much, much longer than anticipated to reach your destination. 
  11. Trying to sleep in jeans, an underwire bra, and a turtleneck sweater to which you are allergic is torture.
  12. If an airline promises delivery of your bag by 10 PM and calls later to confirm that the driver will be dropping it off by 12 AM, just do yourself a favor and do not expect your bag to arrive until roughly around 2 AM.   It will save yourself a lot of heartache and anger.

So, what other lessons have you learned while traveling?  What did I miss?

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