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Snow!  We finally got snow!  I still haven’t been able to cuddle up to the couch and become a permanent fixture on it for a day, but at least it now feels like winter.  In total, we ended up getting around six inches – no where near what the poor souls in the East got, but it is considered a decent snowfall for this area.  Now, if only I can get it to snow like this during the week…
Speaking of weeks, what a week it has been!  We still do not know if we can take Cullen home from the pet hospital today.  Here’s the latest based on what the vet told us yesterday.  As much as I want him home (and as empty as the house is without him here), I am really in no hurry to get him home if it means that his chances of recovery are greater the longer he stays there.  His incision is nasty and takes up his entire abdomen.  I can’t imagine how he’s going to feel going up and down the stairs when he does get to come home.  
Less than a week until my next exam, and unfortunately because of all the worrying about my dog, I’ve not studied as much as I should.  I have until Tuesday to decide to push back the test date.  I’m going to try to hit the books hard over the next few days before I assess the situation and my comfort level.  I can’t take this exam again until May, so I want to make absolutely certain that I pass this the first time.
Lots of time studying means not enough time reading.  I manage to read maybe twenty to thirty minutes a night, right before I pass out.  It isn’t much, and I am dying to read more.  There are so many books just calling to me, but I am being good and ignoring them and counting the hours until I can read without feeling guilty about procrastinating.  This also means that it will be another week or so before I finish a book and review it. ( For anyone who is new, this really is a book blog and I do read voraciously!  I promise!)  
I will keep you all posted about my dog.  Thank you so much for all your well-wishes.  You all truly are the best!
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