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Jim is working (again), Cullen is snoring at my feet, my daughter is singing to herself, and my son is reading a book in his room.  All is peaceful and quiet.  In fact, it is a little to quiet given the fact that reading Little Dorrit this morning, I fell asleep.  Oops!  So much for getting a lot of pages read in that and finally getting caught up!

This week was crazy.  Doctors appointments, practices galore, and even a concert and fundraiser/dinner.  By the time I finally got home and settled down for the night, I was usually completely unmotivated to get out the laptop and log in to check out what everyone was doing.  This also meant I was completely unmotivated to write anything.  I had a long chat on Twitter yesterday with Vasilly about this lack of interest, and honestly, I refuse to feel guilty about being MIA for a few days.  I cannot and will not force writing of any kind.  I cannot and will not force reading when I am not all that interested or cannot focus.  It is not fair to my readers, nor is it fair to my blogger friends who spend time and energy writing their own pieces.  I want to make sure that I give each article my full attention, no matter if I am reading it or writing it.  This is and always has been a hobby.  It is something I love to do, but other priorities come first and will always do so.  This is how I roll and how I maintain balance in this crazy blogging world.

In spite of being busy this week, I was able to finish my reading selection for next month’s Classics Circuit tour (coming to you on Wednesday) and my selection for this month’s Social Justice challenge.  Being the last day of February, this does mean lots of reviews to write today, but I am finally in the mood to write them.  My goal this week is to finally finish Little Dorrit.  At 800+ pages and the fact that I have been crawling my way through the book for two months now, I am ready to move on to something else.  However, since I have no idea what to choose, I’ll be letting choose for me and count it as another choice for the Random Reading Challenge!  (I am all about multi-tasking!)

That’s it for me for today.  Actually, it is time to go cheer on the U.S. against Canada in the gold medal match in hockey! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, staying warm and surrounded by loved ones.  Have a great week and happy reading!

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