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I am struggling to believe that it is Sunday already.  This week absolutely flew past.  Granted, it helped that I was on the road for more than half of it, but it still appeared that time sped up this week. 
It was one of those weeks where I felt like I was on the go constantly.  As much as I was really looking forward to evenings in my hotel room, they did not happen.  Because I was not by myself, I ended up staying out relatively late wining, dining, and talking with my co-workers.  I never got that solitude I craved this week.  Then, by the time I came home, there was enough to do at home that prevented me from relaxing too.  This upcoming week is not going to be much better between soccer practice and a game, ballet lessons, piano lessons, a band concert, an art fair, and finally a birthday party.  Sometimes, the adage “you can sleep when you’re dead” really does feel true.
The one bright spot this week was that I managed to finish four books.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever finish a book again, so the fact that I was able to finish four of them went a long way to fulfilling that compulsion to accomplish something.  One of the books is for the Classics Circuit Harlem Renaissance tour, for which I am Thursday’s stop, so as soon as I write the review, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I continue to be woefully behind in my book club selection, so much so that I believe that next weekend will see me having a mini read-a-thon in order to finish it.  Granted, there was no way I wanted to bring an 900+ hardbacked book onto the plane with me, so my lack of reading in that book is understandable.  However, the only way I am going to be able to finish it soon is to just sit and read – not that it is a hardship for me to do so or anything.  😉
Cullen is recovering with an amazing alacrity these days.  He has discovered a method to gnaw on a bone in spite of the e-collar.  In addition, he tries so hard to play with his sister.  He has even found a way to chew at the duct tape that edges the collar.  His need for chewing is what got him into this mess in the first place so you would think he would have learned his lesson, but there is a reason we tell him he is goofy.  The vet removed his staples yesterday afternoon, and we should slip him the last of his antibiotics some time this week.  According to the vet, there is no need to bring him back for a re-check related to the surgery, so it looks like he is finally in the clear.  Thank you again for all of your well-wishes and lovely supportive comments.  They truly meant the world.
That is about it from here.  I’ll be spending the day reading, writing reviews and watching the Olympics and just enjoying the calm before the storm.  What is on your agenda today?
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