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Valentine's Day Clip Art

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Liebchens!  I hope everyone is spending the day with loved ones, even if you are not a big believer in this fabricated, Hallmark holiday.  While the holiday may be cheap, truly what is wrong with showing others how much you love and appreciate them?  And while I am on this rant, why should we only do this one day out of the year?

IMA LogoOkay, anyway…I’m still flying high from the results of yesterday’s exam.  I may not get any awards for my scores, but I am happy to report that I passed.  Three exams down, one more mega one to go.   It is not only cumulative, but it requires writing essays.  So I have to study new information, review (or finally learn) the old information, and I have until sometime in April in which to do it.  I am not panicking…yet.  But, since I am motivated to study, my break might not be as long as I initially planned.  (Oh, and as a reminder to myself, if I think that I cannot possibly be asked to perform calculations that the study guide states is very complicated and which I have only ever used Excel functions to complete, know that it will definitely be included on the exam. )

Have you ever felt a compelling need to finish a book?  I have not finished a book in over three weeks, and last night I was absolutely thirsting to finish something.  Fittingly, I picked up Molly Harper’s Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs and promptly finished it – exactly what the doctor prescribed.  Fun, engaging, and oh, did I mention it was about vampires?  So I am happy to report that you will see at least one review this week.  Even better, since I will be on another business trip this week, I should have the opportunity to finish even more books.  I seriously cannot wait and have already started selecting books to bring with me.

Cullen is doing really well.  His cone has not been a tremendous issue, and he has even found ways to work around it when it comes to chewing on his bones (he gives it to us to hold and gnaws on the other end).  He has remained calm and good.  Seriously, it is like we have a whole new dog – no barking, no destroying, no jumping, no running away from us when we call him, no balking at going into his crate.  Other than the nuisance that is the e-collar, it has been really nice.  I’m curious to know if this is a permanent change or if he is just  acting this way because of the e-collar.  It will most likely be another week before he gets the staples out, so we have that much longer to enjoy the new and improved Cullen.  Thank you again to all the well wishes and good thoughts.  It truly means a lot to me!

That is about it on my end today.  I have an exciting day of bills, taxes, Olympics, laundry, reading, and cross-stitch planned.  Jim, unfortunately, has to work every day this holiday weekend, so we are laying low and just enjoying the down time.  I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Happy Reading!

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