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Stack of Books

As most of you know, I spent the holidays with my in-laws.  For an eleven-day trip, I brought with me eight books, received three more for Christmas, and purchased six more while I was there.  I mention these numbers because my in-laws were astounded and confused why a person would need that many books.  In fact, it became a bit of a contest to tell me how long it has been since they have each read a book of some sort.  (If I did not know any better, I would have thought they collectively decided on a way to torture me.)

This behavior is not out of the ordinary.  Why is it that when someone brings up a love of books, non-readers delight in sharing their utter disregard for books?  Why brag about not reading anything?  Do they think it is going to impress me?  Are they doing it to see my reaction?  Are they truly proud of their lack of accomplishment in that area? 

Couple ReadingI struggle with this.  I do not go around bragging that I read XX number of books last year.  In fact, most people do not realize I am such a voracious reader.  I do not try to recruit people; I do not debate the benefits of reading with a non-reader.  Reading is a personal pleasure of mine.  I fervently hope that others would at least pick up a book and read one a year, but again, I cannot and will not force this opinion on anyone.  So why do non-readers feel the need to belittle readers or brag about the fact that they do not read?  If I do not force my views on you, why do you force your views on me? 

Do others see similar behaviors in non-readers?  What is it that causes this divide? 

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