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Thank you to all Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln for my free day off today!  It’s the first time in a long time where I get the pleasure of a day off for a federal holiday.  Granted, I am traveling today, but I got to wake up without setting an alarm clock and that is a great day even with having to fly.

Monday Musings ButtonSince it is Monday, it is also time for Musing Mondays, thanks to Rebecca

Do you keep reference books on your shelves at home? What’s your first port of call when you need information – the internet or a book?

I am proud to report that I do have reference books at home, even though they are no longer on my bookshelves.  Rather, I passed on my dictionary, thesaurus, and German dictionaries to my son, figuring he needs them more than I do these days.  It is fun to look through them though and see the words I highlighted many years ago when I was trying to learn the big words in my reading.

These days, since I am always online these days and typically only need information for something related to my interests online, I head right to the Internet whenever I have a question.  Even at work, whenever someone has a question, our first inclination is to head to the Internet to look up the answer.  My years as a grad student have taught me to shy away from Wikipedia, so typically, I will spend a little extra time looking for a more legit sites for said answers.  There is just so much out there, that even with having to wade through not-so-legitimate sites, you are guaranteed to find very thorough and up-to-date answers to any possible question on the Internet. That’s why it is my go-to source when I have a question.

Am I alone in my love of the Internet for answering questions and obtaining information?  Or are reference books becoming relatively obsolete? 

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