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Part of the Bloggiesta mini-challenges last month was to join The Bloggie Cult’s Mentor/Mentee program.  I gladly joined as a mentor.  Even though I still consider myself a newbie, I know without a doubt I would have given up blogging a long time ago if it had not been for my friends, to whom I could and did ask tons of questions and receive massive amounts of support.  I wanted to share the wealth and help a new blogger with his or her questions and concerns and hopefully make a new blogging friend in the process.

I made contact with my mentee last week and quickly new that the match was a good one.  One of things with which she has been struggling is getting out into the blogging world and making those all-important connections which buoy us up on rough days.   So, because all of you have been so gracious and welcoming over the past year, I wanted to introduce you to her.  I know you will be quick to follow her and welcome her into our book blogging community! 

Without further ado, I introduce to you Kris from Intetextual Chronicles!

Intetextual Chronicles ButtonSo, why did you start blogging?
Originally I started as a release for the everyday stresses of life.
Have you found that your focus on your blog has changed since you started?  Why?
My focus for my blog has definitely changed. From an everyday rambling blog, it almost immediately changed to a reading and book blog, I think the reason why it changed is because I wanted my blog focused on one subject instead of all over the place.

What’s the one thing that has surprised you the most since you started blogging?

My biggest surprise has been that I have been able to find that focus, and it came so easily.

Please tell me more about yourself – likes, dislikes, what you do when you aren’t blogging, any personal information you feel comfortable sharing.

I’m a mom of two beautiful daughters under the age of 5, a wife to one wonderful man, a full time worker in a hospital laboratory.  I like my quiet alone time, I like hot chocolate, coffee, and beignets from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I dislike large hurricanes (I’m a Hurricane Katrina transplant), loud noises, and driving in snowstorms. And…I love the New Orleans Saints!

Why do you review books?  What makes you continue to blog?
When I read a good book, I like to share it with people. The first person I always tell is my uncle, he and I share the same passion for reading. I continue to blog because there are always books to share.
How do you feel about negative reviews?  Do you review every book you read?
There are always good points to anything I read, even if I don’t ever want to see the book again. I don’t think anyone should give out a purely negative review, so when I’m reviewing, I try to show both the good and bad. I try to review every book I read, however with the time constraints of the rest of my life, I may not get to it.
Do your friends and family read your blog?  What are their thoughts on it?
No, they actually don’t even know about it. I never even thought about sharing it with them. Maybe I should. I think I will.
Have you met any blogging friends in real life?  Would you like to do so?
No, I haven’t met any blogging friend in real life. I’m not really sure I would want to, its really a safety issue these days.

What are some of your favorite books?  Any particular genres that interest you more than others?  Movies?  Music?
The whole Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Lord of the Rings trilogy. I like genres that can take me away from the day to day stresses of life: romance, paranormal, fantasy, suspense and historical fiction. I will read non-fiction, but not for long periods of time…anything more than 10 minutes is too long for me.
Movies are an interesting challenge because its changed since I’ve become a mother. Before motherhood it was anything but modern horror. Now, its anything my daughters watch.
Let’s play the ABC Game:
  • Available or taken?  Taken
  • Best Friend?  my menagerie of pets since they don’t judge and they still love me when I’m cranky or a total bitch.
  • Cake or Pie?  Cake, preferably chocolate. The more choclate the better!
  • Drink of choice?  Pepsi for non alcoholic, alcoholic changes according to my mood.
  • Essential item for every day use?  A Sharpie. If I don’t have a Sharpie, I feel naked.
  • Favorite color?  Purple!
  • Google?  every day!
  • Hometown?  New Orleans! Go Saints!
  • Indulgences? Chocolate.
  • January or February?  Neither, but if I had to pick it would be February because its closer to the warm weather.
  • Kids and their names?  Jaidyn and Kianne.
  • Life is incomplete without…?  Love.
  • Marriage date? Jan 20
  • Number of siblings?  2
  • Oranges or apples?  Oranges
  • Phobias and fears?  Spiders, heights, and small spaces.
  • Quote for the day?  “Women are like teabags, they never know how strong they are till they get into hot water. — Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Reason to smile?  My family
  • Season? Summer
  • Three people you would tag for this exercise:  my uncle, sister and brother
  • Unknown fact about me?  I have 10 pets.
  • Vegetable you hate?  squash
  • Worst habit?  biting my nails
  • X-rays you’ve had?  wrist and chest
  • Your fave food? pepperoni pizza
  • Zodiac sign? Saggitarius
What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting a blog, whether it is specifically for books or not? Focus on something you enjoy, if you don’t do that you’ll end up stopping.

What plans do you have for your blog in the next year? Keeping up with it.

Did you see her favorite books?  I KNEW I liked her!!  😉  Seriously, she reminds me a lot of myself from a year ago, wondering in what direction to take my blog, what I wanted to do with it.  Go on over, check out her blog, and give her a little community welcome!!

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