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THe Blog Improvement Project ButtonBloggiesta got me in the mood to continue to improve my blog.  I had so much fun playing with code and making changes that I want to make sure that I continue to work on it throughout the year.

When Kim and Jackie announced the continuation of the Blog Improvement Project, I knew I wanted to join.  Their first assignment?  To create a to-do list for my blogging endeavors.  The problem is that I am not certain I have a specific to-do list.  I like my blog the way it is now, but I do realize that I have much to learn in the way of social media integration, search engine optimization (those blasted meta tags that still confuse me to no end), e-mail subscriptions, branding, and overall design and code manipulation.

See, I am truly envious of those who have friends or husbands who know how to design headers and buttons and full web pages.  I would love to be able to do that myself, but I am just not that technically savvy and am too cheap to pay for the same benefits.  So, what little I have done has been by searching the Internet for helpful hints, links, and other bits of information to piece together what I have now.  Is it perfect?  No because my tags of which I am so proud are not showing up on every computer I use, which makes me concerned that not everyone else can see them either.  Being able to remedy that situation is the epitome of why I am interested in participating in this project.

As for coming up with an honest-to-goodness to-do list, I just don’t do lists like this.  I have too many to-do lists as there is, that I do not need to add to my already high stress levels by creating another one.  Blogging is supposed to be relaxing and fun!  There are areas I would like to address (social media, search engines, branding, and so forth) but specifics escape me.  And as I’ve made perfectly clear with other challenges, I am all about not committing myself to anything other than participating and seeing how the chips may fall.  So, here’s my official commitment to improving my blog and participating in the 2010 Blog Improvement Project.  Now, just do not expect me to provide any sort of specific list.

Because this is a blog improvement project, what would you like to see improved?  Can you see my header tabs?  Do all my links work?  Do all my pictures show up when you click on a page?  Is there something that would be easier for you to use if you wanted to share something with a friend?  I am open to anything!

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