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I’m a little late today.  My schedule has been all screwed up this weekend, and I have gotten nothing done I hoped to accomplish during my free time.  I really do detest starting out a work week so far behind in my to-do list.  It makes for a stressful week, doesn’t it?
This past week was just “meh” for me.  I started the Mayo Clinic Diet, partly because I needed to do so and partly because I figured that if I am going to write a true and accurate review, I might as well put the diet to the test.  Part of the diet for the first two weeks is that you are not supposed to eat any sugar.  After seven days into the diet, I now realize that sugar is vital for me to function.  My husband can cut it out without any adverse effects.  Me – I’ve been struggling with my energy levels (as in I had none), I was moody, I would get the shakes at the first signs of hunger.  It’s been horrible.  I am going to stick with it for the second week but am eagerly anticipating eating something sweet other than fruit after that.  
Because of a significant lack of energy this week, I could not read, I did not study, and I did not make any progress on my friend’s birth announcement cross-stitch sampler.  Nor did I keep up with my feed reader.  It has really gotten to a ridiculous level of being behind in everything.  My test is officially in thirteen days, I am now over 200 pages behind in Little Dorrit, I have only just barely started my selection for the Harlem Renaissance book tour for The Classics Circuit, and I still have to start my selection for February for the Social Justice Challenge.  At this rate, I will not finish a book for another week or so, and the last book I finished was over a week ago.  ***Sigh***
I’m hoping that now that my body has somewhat adjusted to the lack of sugar, my energy levels will calm down, and I can get something done this week.  Priority number one is my notecards for studying.  I really need to finish them before Wednesday for me to feel comfortable taking the test in two weeks.  If I can at least make decent progress in everything else, I will consider myself successful this week.  I think I have officially entered the “worry” stage of my test taking schedule.  Next week I should hit “panic” mode.  Fun times ahead!
I hope everyone else has had a much more productive weekend and will have a great, stress-free week!  If you don’t hear from me much this week or next, consider yourself forewarned!!  
Edit:  For the first time ever, I am admitting defeat; my feed reader got the best of me.  I had over 300 and climbing when I logged in this evening, and honestly, I am so OCD that if my feed reader is not cleared out every day, I get antsy.  In an effort to keep my stress levels down and keep my focus where it belongs this week, I am hitting Mark All As Read.  I feel awful and know that I am missing some interesting debates and fascinating books.  If there is anything I truly need to read (I haven’t read anything past Wednesday), please let me know.  Otherwise, I hope to be able to keep up this week if I truly focus and use my killer time management skills.  Sorry everyone!  I hope I never have to use that button ever again!

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