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I can’t believe it is Sunday already.  You would think that the first week back from a long vacation would mean that the week would crawl.  It did not.  Of course, it helped that Holly was sick for the latter half of the week.  Nothing like getting to stay home for one day and leave work early the next to help speed along the week!  (She’s feeling better now.  I guess that flu shot paid off after all, even though I was swearing at it on Thursday.)

This weekend has been going deliciously slow, which is exactly how you want the weekends to progress.  As you can tell, if you are not reading this from a feed reader, I’ve been making some changes – okay lots of changes.  Natasha at Maw Books is hosting Bloggiesta, the event where bloggers everywhere devote the weekend to sprucing up their blog, making those much needed changes and other prep work that typically takes too long and gets pushed aside.  I’ve added the navigation tabs, organized my books read list by author, cleaned up my sidebars, changed my font, and found my dead links, backed up my blog, added my Amazon Affiliates and links, my copyright information, added the LinkWithin and Share This widgets, had my website graded, and set my blogging resolution for the year (that’s right, I said resolution – as in one).  I’ve been having an absolute blast playing around with code, looking at others’ lists and cheering them on with their own lists.  As Bloggiesta continues through today, I’ll spend the rest of the day writing future posts.  I hope to finish my three reviews and start several future posts.  Even if I don’t finish them, I am quite pleased with how much I’ve accomplished this weekend.

I was able to finish two additional books this week, hence the need to write reviews.  Unfortunately, both of them will be released in February, so the actual posting of the review will have to wait.  Another event to note is that my very first article on Examiner. com went live on Tuesday.  I have the chance to make some money now for writing reviews.  Granted, it is literally a penny per hit, but if I ever get popular, I have the chance to earn something.  I chalk it up to more experience, and we shall see where it takes me.

I am happy to report that I started studying for my next exam, even though I did postpone the scheduled date of it.  I took the advice of my friend and bought note card-sized labels.  That way, rather than spend six weeks writing out my flash cards by hand, I can type them out in a fraction of the time and spend the rest of that time studying.  In fact, I spend an hour this week typing flash cards that would have taken me three to four days to do by hand.  It is literally the best idea ever and will save not only time but my hand, which has never really recovered from the last bout of flashcards.  Given everything that has happened at work, I will admit that I am questioning the need to finish the certification process if it is not going to be of any value to my boss, but my husband is urging me to finish it.  I know in my heart of hearts that I will not be happy if I quit now, but it is tempting.

That’s about it from here.  This week should be a busy one at work as next week is our budgeting meetings.  Everyone is going to be rushing to finish up their reports before the week-long meetings the following week, of which my participation will consist of sitting there and taking notes.  (Trust me, it is as tortuous as it sounds.)  So, I’ll stay busy this week preparing and working.  I feel another Random Reads selection coming on as well, as I have no idea what to read next.  I think it is a case of too much too read, and it all sounds good; so, I’ll let the random number generator choose for me.  Stay tuned for that post later this week!  As for what else this week holds, I’ll let it unfold and take a wait-and-see attitude.

How is everyone?  Did you have a good week?  Anything good read this week?

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