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One year ago today, I posted my first ever blog post, and boy was it horrible!  I would link to it but it really was that bad.  LOL! 

I started it on a whim, after having seen several of my book club friends get totally enthralled in the blogging community.  At the time, I was still in graduate school and knew that my time to read and to blog would be limited.  The fact that I started writing with no focus and no direction did not deter me one bit, and I found myself becoming quickly addicted to blogging.  I slowly but surely developed a small but loyal group of followers, who make my day with their comments, accolades, and complete, unwavering support. After much tweaking, thinking, and debating, I feel that I found my direction and my voice, and my writing ability has only improved over the past year.  It has been one amazing ride. 

For those of you who have stopped by and given me support throughout the year, thank you for being there when I was down, hurt, confused, stressed or some combination thereof. Thank you for allowing me into your life. I hope I have added a bit of humor, as well as contributed to your TBR piles as much as you have contributed to mine. Thank you for your feedback on the many changes I have made to my blog’s appearance in general. And most of all, thank you for accepting me as part of the blogging community. When I started, I did not expect anything at all, and this year has just blown me away with everyone’s generosity, sense of community, and compassion.  I appreciate you all!

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