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Can I get a “Woohoo, it’s Thursday”?  Is it me or has this been a tremendously long week?  Thankfully, we have our weekly book-related Booking Through Thursday to help get us into the weekend mood.

Do you read the inside flaps that describe a book before or while reading it?

I do not typically read the inside flaps of a book.  Actually, that’s not true.  I find that I do read them for thrillers.  When a book has gotten really intense, and I am questioning my ability to finish it because it is getting a bit uncomfortable for me to read, then I will flip to the inside flap and see what it has to say.  It is my way of breaking the tension and reassuring myself that I can get through the book (I really am a big scaredy cat). 

Or, if I am thoroughly confused by the direction a book is taking, I might read the inside flap to see if it will shed any light and help clear up my confusion.  I do try not to read them though because often they contain just enough information to be considered spoilerish, and I really do not like to be spoiled when it comes to a book’s plot.  TV – yes, books – not so much. 

They may be silly or goofy reasons, but I do read the inside flaps of books in certain situations.  Otherwise, a large majority of the time, I have to say no, I am not a flapper.  Maybe a part-time flapper? 

How about you – what are your thoughts on reading the inside flaps of books?

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