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First of all, I want to give a standing ovation to Natasha for hosting this wonderful event!  I have had an absolute blast this weekend.  Even though I never left my house, I feel like I accomplished so much.  The need to clean and organize has even spread to the rest of my house, as I started cleaning out my files to do taxes next month.  Thank you, Natasha, for organizing Bloggiesta!  It was definitely a worthy and fun-filled event.
Last night, after our meal of tacos (in honor of the on-going fiesta), I wrote and scheduled some posts for this week.  In addition, I have a couple rainy-day posts ready to go just in case I need them.  I still need to start writing my reviews, but we had company over this afternoon and had to take a break.  (BTW, to keep with the theme, I served enchiladas!)  I completed my last mini-challenge and signed up for Pam from MotherReader‘s Comment Challenge.  I need help remembering to leave comments as I tend to lurk more than respond, so I really like the idea of committing to commenting on five blogs a day.  I have been leaving comments on new-to-me blogs all weekend, so I know I already hit my initial ten.  The challenge will be to remember to keep track of how many comments I make each day.
This evening, I will finally get to at least one of those reviews I wanted to write, if not get started with the other.  I confess I am slightly distracted at the moment with the Packers currently doing their darndest to lose their playoff game, so we shall see how far I get.
In all, I am completely satisfied with what I accomplished this weekend.  I never kept track of how much time exactly I spent working on my blog, but I estimate it to be at least twelve hours, if not more.  I also lost track of the number of comments I made, new blogs I visited, and so forth.  I participated in eight out of the ten mini-challenges.  I made changes I have been meaning to make for months now.  I played with HTML and feel a bit more comfortable instituting changes in the code now.  I added various disclosures and am thrilled with all of my changes.  Bloggiesta is one of those events that was surprising not by how much I accomplished but by how much the entire community came together to share tips and techniques, code, and general support.  I found a few new blogs to follow and in general feel like part of an absolutely wonderful online community.  Thank you to everyone who left comments and cheered me on as I made my changes, gave feedback on those changes and in general were very supportive.  This have been a fabulous weekend!
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