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How is everyone doing today?  As you can see, I played with my code again and added a new font.  Please let me know if it is too hard on the eyes because now that I know the trick, I can easily change it again!  It looks so intimidating, but really, once you know what you are looking to change, it really isn’t all that difficult.  And most of the truly difficult stuff has already been written by others, so all you have to do is copy and paste!  Trust me – if I can amend my HTML code and adjust my blog format, then so can you!
I spent the afternoon visiting other blogs, making comments and checking out all their changes.  I am quite impressed with my blogging compatriots.  Seriously, we have some majorly talented people who have done some amazing things with their blogs.  I am not only impressed, I am humbled at the thought that I could ever keep up with them; I can’t even create my own buttons.  It looks like everyone is truly taking the spirit of Bloggiesta to heart, and I absolutely love it!
Chelle from Tempting Persephone is hosting a mini-challenge on putting our best forward.  So what do I consider my best posts?  I’m most proud of those moments where I’ve opened myself up, asked deep questions, and drawn some painful conclusions.
For example, in October of this year, I celebrated my fifteenth high school reunion.  As I couldn’t attend, I was there in spirit.  My post that day was a reflection of everything that had been bouncing around in my head on the day of the reunion regarding the agony of high school and whether it is self-imposed.
My other favorite article is the one I posted at the end of 2009 reflecting on the year and my personal growth throughout the year.  I am extremely proud of what I accomplished last year and how much I’ve grown as a person.     

They may not be the greatest posts ever written, grammatically they are probably flawed and self-centered beyond belief.  But they came from my heart, and to me, that is the most important reason why I consider them my best posts.

What’s left on my to-do list for Bloggiesta?  Write.  Write some more.  Keep on writing.  I have three book reviews to write, plus I want to draft up some ideas for future articles.  I’ve already written one for next Saturday’s Weekend Cooking, a weekly event hosted by Beth Fish Reads.  I just need to sit down and start writing.

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