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I think I am in love with Pedro.  He’s helped me get SO much done.  I’ve needed an excuse to sit and play with code and formatting.  I’ve definitely done so.
Not much else done before bedtime – here’s the list:
  1. After a huge internal debate, I bit the bullet and removed the last of the Twilight fangirl stuff.  If I posted more often about it, then I could see keeping it on there, but as I move away from posting all Twilight all the time, it just didn’t feel right.  I guess you could say my blog grew up.  (sniff, sniff)
  2. I spent the time and created a list of all the books I’ve read in alphabetical order by author and added it to my navigation tabs.  (Can you tell I’m having fun with those?) 

Tomorrow, as I’ve said, I will definitely be writing.  While I’ve opted not to look into meta-tags, I want to check one more thing on the overall format and see if I can play around with the code for my fonts.  I want something a bit different.  We shall see.  But that’s it for changes.  I promise.

Granted, as I was checking all my links, I noticed how bad the formatting is on some of my older posts.  I’m not going to go back and fix them all, but it is something about which I am going to be more aware in the future. 

How did everyone else fare?  Did you get a lot done?

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