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I’ve stayed busy throughout the afternoon and have been able to cross off almost all formatting off of my list.  I still want to explore meta-tags.  I have not been able to understand any discussions about it but know that I need to add them.  So, tonight will see me exploring them.  Other than that, here’s what I’ve done since my last check-in.
  1. Added disclosure information for Amazon Associates and  Also added a search button for Amazon.  
  2. Added my wish list from Good Reads. 
  3. Went on a Dead Link hunt.  (Thanks to Karin from Karin’s Book Nook and her Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge on 404 Errors!)
  4. I joined The Bloggie Cult as part of Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century‘s Bloggiesta Mini Challenge regarding mentor program.  
  5. I added the LinkWithin widget.
  6. I changed my Share With link to include more than just Twitter.
  7. I had my website graded (I got a 77 – not great but I’m not in this for popularity, right?)
  8. I don’t really have any goals (part of Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog‘s Bloggiesta Mini Challenge on 2010 Resolutions) other than continue to have fun.  That’s my only resolution for this year.  

And with that, I think I’m done for the night.  I’ve been updating and playing for the past six hours.  Time to surface and participate with my family!

By the way, did you know I updated my domain name?  I did this several months ago but never made a formal announcement.  Please make sure you update any feeds to my correct web address:  Thanks!

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