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How is everyone doing on updating their blogs?  I was able to come home from work early to watch my daughter as she still is recovering from the flu and have been spending the afternoon playing with code, changing around my sidebars, and creating some maintenance posts.  So far, I’ve done the following:
1.  Added tab labels. (I finally bit the bullet and committed to this.)
2.  Added copyright information to my footer and to my feed. (Thank you Pam from for her Bloggiesta Mini Challenge on Footers!)
3.  Added a new blogger roll specifically for challenges.
4.  I backed up my blog and will be doing it again before I finish Bloggiesta on Sunday.  (Thanks to Jackie from Farm Lane Books for her Bloggiesta Mini Challenge on backing up for the reminder!)

Apparently, today is my day to change the formatting.  I guess the rest of the weekend will be to write and check out the rest of the mini challenges!  I hope everyone has been able to get something done today!

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