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Here is the list of the few challenges that I started and completed during 2009.  It is not a very long list, as I hesitated joining any challenges.

I Read Banned Books Challenge Button

I had hoped to read four books for Banned Book Week Challenge but I managed to read two books in one week, and the challenge only asked for us to read one.  I think this was a definite success.

RIP IV Challenge Button
Carl’s RIP IV Challenge was the very first challenge in which I participated.  I had signed up for only four books and ended up reading eleven!!  I’m really looking forward to doing this one next year!
Fall Into Reading 2009 Challenge
The Fall Into Reading Challenge was another one in which I participated because I hoped to get some books finished that I had been meaning to read for a few months.  I signed up for eight books and ended up finishing them all.  Success!!

Like I said, it wasn’t a big list, but I’m happy to report that I finished every challenge I started.  Now for 2010!

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