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It’s Saturday, which means my husband is obsessively washing our cars (even though it is only in the upper 30s outside and the water is literally freezing to our driveway), and I am getting caught up with my desk duties.  This includes Weekly Geeks
Lots of questions on this week’s post — feel free to answer any or all!

Do you have a book wish list for the holidays? (Or is that one of those ‘duh’ questions?) If so, what’s on it?

 I always have a book wish list, but this is the first year I have ever decided to officially keep track AND share it with others.  At this point in time, it is too long to list here, but I update it every time I read a fabulous review by a fellow blogger – which means it gets updated on a daily basis.

Are you very specific when someone asks what you want for a gift? Or do you throw caution to the wind and say, “Oh any book you choose….” Or do you prefer a bookstore gift card?

Here’s my issue – I’ve been a reader my entire life.  My dad works at a high school, and I was always known as the girl who would rather read a book than watch a basketball game because I was forever toting a book with me to the various sporting events he had to work.  Yet, no one ever gets me books or bookstore gift cards as gifts.  Granted, I’ve never specifically asked for them, but I thought it was one of those “no-brainer” kind of presents.  If I’m always reading, then the best gift to give me would be something book-related, right?  Seems obvious to me.
This year, I sent out my wish list to family and friends.  I made sure they knew I would accept books off of the list or a gift card to a bookstore.  We shall see what happens. 
Do you buy books for people on your gift list? Do you choose books for them that you like and try to influence their reading (or hope they’ll loan it to you when they’re done)? Or do you get specific titles from your giftee?
My husband and I have been married for twelve years now, and from the day we got married, I have always given either books or gift cards to book stores to all of my many nieces and nephews.  Last year, I tried to pick a book per child, but with fifteen nieces and nephews, it became too taxing.  I took the easy way this year. 

Where do you buy your book gifts? Do you shop at local independent bookstores, or the “big box” stores? or do you shop online?

Stepping foot into any bookstore is extremely dangerous for me.  I cannot control myself and will invariably walk out of one with at least three books for me in addition to the books I went in there to purchase for others.  So, I try to avoid them if at all possible.  I love online shopping because it allows me to peruse books from the warm coziness of my house while in my pjs. Books and pjs go together like PB&J (or even better, PB and chocolate), so it’s a win-win all around.  If I had a local independent bookstore, i would definitely try to shop there often, but as there is not one, I make due with the local B&N or various online stores.

Does anyone else have problems getting books from family and friends, or is it just me?  What about books make them such a difficult gift to purchase? 

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