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Yes, it has been a while since I’ve participated, but I not only have time to answer this question this week, the topic is fascinating.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers!

This week’s post is from Trisha at Eclectic/Eccentric…thanks Trish!

Books take us on journeys, flitting us off to other times, people, and places. From ancient caves to medieval castles to modern skyscrapers; from delicate geishas to turn of the century immigrants to future captains of spaceships; books are our path to other worlds. But what about the journey we give our books? What path do books take through our hands?

How do you choose what to read? Is it random or planned? Based on your mood, challenges, titles, covers, topic?

What process do you use for reading? Do you take notes while reading? Annotate your books? Just read?

What happens when you are done reading? Do you wait to review or write immediately? Do you revisit and revise before posting?

What other tasks do you go through after reading a book? Is your blog the only place you post a review? Do you keep lists of readings? Catalog genre, page numbers, gender of authors, etc.?

What happens to the book when you are done with it? Does it end up in your home library? Go back to a public library? BookMooch?

Overall, if you had to give someone a “How To” list for your dealings with any particular book, what would it look like?

How do I choose a book to read?  It’s based on the topic and the synopsis at the time I am reading about a book.  I have been know to ignore a book on one day, only to read another review on a different day and immediately add that book to my Wish List.  As far as picking a book to open next, that is completely based on my mood at the time.  Am I in the mood for something light and fun?  Or am I ready to tackle something a bit more serious?  Does it need to be read by a certain time?  Those questions all influence what I read at any given time. 

I have no particular process when I read.  I tend to read in bed, at work, in waiting rooms, or in the car when my husband drives.  Other than at work, none of those scenarios are conducive to taking notes.  If there is a particular passage I want to remember for my review or for a future discussion with someone, I will grab another bookmark or in true desperation will earmark the page until I can get a post-it note to mark it.  Otherwise, I just read to read.

Only just recently have I started to write down my thoughts prior to writing any reviews.  I like it though because it truly gives me a chance to compose my thoughts before I ever get in front of the computer screen.  I try to wait at least 24 hours before writing any review because I really need to reflect on my thoughts and feelings upon the entire book.  If I wait any longer than that, however, it become very difficult for me to remember what I wanted to say, and if I write anything before that, I find I am reacting more to the final pages of the book rather than to the entire work. 

Once I write the review, I either schedule it to be posted or actually post it to my blog.  I immediately post the same review on LibraryThing and on Facebook’s Visual Bookshelf.  I do have a Book Blog page but find that I do not update that with my reviews anymore.  I will also link my review to any challenge pages and to my on-going Books Read list.  In addition, I have a Google Doc that allows me to keep track of every book on my TBR pile – those that I physically have on hand.  As I finish one, I make sure to update that list and remove the book from that list. 

Once I finish a book, I either give it to my friends, put it in the Goodwill pile, give it to my children, or decide to keep it.  That decision is based on the genre, topic, age appropriateness and how well I liked the book.  If I truly loved it and would want to read it again some day, I will keep it, and the book gets placed in another part of my bookshelves.  Otherwise, it gets moved to one of my other piles. 

I don’t really have a “How To” list for any book other than what I just mentioned.  My routine very rarely varies from book to book.  I am trying to get better about taking notes and paying attention while reading.  I am also trying to get better about keeping track of those books I’ve read, I want to read and have on hand, and I want to read but do not have yet. 

Answering these questions has me tremendously curious.  What does everyone else do?  Am I very particular in my reading and writing habits or do others have a set routine as well? 

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