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Over the river (the Mississippi) and through the woods (do the Smokey Mountains count?), to Grandmother’s house we go…

Okay, so maybe not exactly to Grandmother’s house since we’ll be staying with my brother-in-law but the kids’ grandparents do live five minutes away.  That counts, right?  Jim is picking me up from work, and we are starting our 17+ hour trip to the suburbs of Houston, Texas to spend the holidays with Jim’s family.  We should arrive early in the morning on Wednesday.  We’ll be staying there through New Year’s Eve, at which time we will head to Dallas to meet up with friends we knew from the Army when we were all living in Germany together.  We rang in Y2K together; I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new decade than with them!

I’ll still be around, mainly because Jim’s family is loud and big, and I need my alone time to keep my sanity; it’s the downside of growing up in a small family with no extended family nearby to cause chaos during your holidays.  And because I won’t be at work, I’ll have lots of time to read (and study and work on that baby gift I promised my co-worker…)!  I love vacation time!

Any wonderful plans or vacation time coming your way?  What are you doing this holiday season?

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