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My husband has already been in the office twice now asking me if I was spending all day on the computer, so I better get this finished sooner rather than later!  He normally does not complain about it, so I guess he really wants to spend some time together this afternoon.  Honestly, I’m perfectly okay with that!
Have you ever wanted to read a book, really like what you read but find that you just cannot read it for long periods of time?  I feel this way about my current book, North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  I really am enjoying it, but after a week of reading, I am only 120 pages into it, and sadly, it is the only thing I am reading right now.  Part of me wonders if I need to start something else and then come back to it, and the other part of me knows that Ms. Gaskell is visiting my blog on December 24th for the last stop in her Classics Circuit tour, and I want to make sure I have my review done in time.  I am going to try to get some reading done today and see how far I get.  I will definitely finish it, but the question remains as to just how long it will take me to do so.
This week saw me go reading challenge crazy!  I had not one but two posts devoted to reading challenges for 2010.  Yesterday, I saw one more that I know I have to join…
Read 'n Review Challenge Button 
I figure, since I review every book I read anyway, this really is a no-brainer for me.  (Is that cheating?  I feel slightly guilty because it really is not a challenge then, is it?)  There are a few more that have caught my eye, but I think I am going to quit while I am ahead.  
This week was tremendously stressful at work – ten hour days, several multiple-hour-long meetings, working through lunch.  This is unusual only because this time of year is typically slow, allowing me to get caught up with my work and get things organized for next year.  At this point in time, I am lucky to meet my deadlines.  It definitely makes for busy, mentally exhausting days, which may or may not be contributing to my ennui with my current reading selection.  I am hoping that this week will finally see the holiday slowdown, but I am not holding my breath.  
I am struggling to find the holiday spirit this season.  Part of this is the fact that we will be traveling for the holidays, so I don’t see the point in decorating the house when we will not be here to appreciate them.  In addition, my husband just went back on the Atkins diet, so I feel very guilty making cookies and holiday treats knowing that he won’t eat them.  As I am trying to watch/lose weight myself, I really do not want the goodies around either.  Then, I’ve decided that while the holidays themselves are supposed to be lovely and promote goodwill, they just don’t.  People are rude, determining presents and getting them out on time is stressful and time-consuming.  The commercials and marketing promotions around the holidays that start months in advance really irk me because they are in direct opposition to the spirit of the holidays.  (See? I’m more Scrooge than Santa this year.)  Normally, I am Ms. Holiday.  Last year, I baked dozens upon dozens of cookies – ten different kinds in all.  I had the decorations up the weekend of Thanksgiving and did not take them down until after the New Year’s.  This year?  I still have my Thanksgiving decorations up.  But, we did go shopping last night and knocked out almost all of the Christmas shopping.  I feel better now that it is mostly done.  But I still do not want to decorate my house or listen to holiday music.  Am I doomed to be all bah humbug for the entire season?
Speaking of presents, I probably should get out of my pajamas and get started in wrapping those we bought last night.  Maybe the act of wrapping will help me get into the mood.  Then again, if I could put a big chunk of North and South behind me, I would feel better too.  So, that’s my agenda for this afternoon.  How about you?
I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday and great week!  Happy reading!
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