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What a week!  I write this as I lay in bed…at 7:30 PM Sunday evening.  I have been fighting something for a week now – general stuffiness alternating with periods of a drippy, runny nose and general ickiness  – but nothing that would cause me to stay at home or declare myself truly sick.  Maybe it was the late night last night but I woke this morning to a killer sinus headache, the kind that causes the world to go blurry every time you move your head.  I tried to help get the kids get ready for CCD this morning but when my vision went dark and I had to grab the wall or go down, I decided the best thing was to head back to bed.  The headache is gone, but I just feel incredibly run down.  My throat is scratchy, my chest is heavy, and I’m still stuffy and slightly achy but again, nothing that would force me to state unequivocally that I am sick.  So, in an effort to prevent myself from getting to that stage, I’ve done nothing I set out to do today.  I’m not happy about it, as I would much rather have crossed off the Christmas cards from the list and started studying, but I also do not want to get much worse.  So, I’m ready for bed at 7:30 PM and will most likely be turning off the light shortly.  So much for my Sunday!
On a happier note, I finally finished Gaskell’s North and South.  She will be visiting my blog as the last stop on the Classics Circuit Elizabeth Gaskell tour later this month, so my review will wait until then.  In a nutshell, though, I loved it.  There was so much packed into each page that I no longer wonder why it took me so long to finish.  It was worth every hour devoted to it.  I’ve already started devouring my next book, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  Its completion will finish out my Fall Into Reading Challenge for this year.  I have until December 20th to finish it, but since I am having problems putting the book down, I will finish it way before then.  How have I missed this book all these years?
On another happier note, last night was my company’s holiday party.  Held at the Cincinnati Bengals’ football stadium, it included a stadium tour, free alcohol, and a live band.  If anyone lives in the area or happens to come across a band entitled Naked Karate Girls, I HIGHLY recommend them.  They were amazingly good and so much fun to watch.  My friends and I already have a plan to see them at a different venue to see them in a much more unrestrained atmosphere.  That and I got to run the length of a football field, in a skirt no less.  I tried to prove to my girlfriend just how hard it is to get a first down in football, but just as I was about to wrap her up, my dignity and realization that she and I were both wearing short skirts (and our bosses were watching) prevented me from out-right tackling her.  She ended up getting that first down, but in my defense, she dragged me four yards in my nylons.  Had I been wearing proper shoes and pants, she would have seen just how difficult it is to play football!  The whole evening was a lot of fun!
The best news of the week?  Muse is coming back to the U.S. and is headlining six concerts!!!  Better yet, one is within driving distance (okay, four hours, but it’s cheaper than flying).  So, on March 13th, Jim and I will be heading to Detroit to see Muse as the main attraction, in all their British glory rather than the measly thirty minutes I got the first time.  That totally made my week and will undoubtedly make my months to come.  Opening for them is Silversun Pickups, which we totally don’t mind either, as we both have at least one entire album of theirs on our iPods.  So, you will definitely be hearing more about them as we draw closer to March 13th!

Barring getting worse, I really need to start finish addressing my Christmas cards.  I also need to get back to studying.  Five weeks from the next exam, and I opened the book once (and immediately closed it again).  Given that we will be heading down to Texas and my in-laws for the holidays and a winter vacation, I really need to start finishing this stuff on my to-do list.  That includes finishing up holiday shopping for my children.  Where has this year gone?   And why does it feel like time is speeding up the more things I have to accomplish?  Is it one of life’s little jokes?

I hope everyone has a great week and can get done everything they need to do.  Happy reading!

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