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For the past few weeks, much of the chatter on Twitter among my blogging friends has been about Google Wave.  They’ve been announcing that they have invitations, they been discussing discussions held on Google Wave.  In general, there appears to be quite a bit of excitement about it, so much so in fact that I went ahead and requested one of those open invites.  So, what exactly is Google Wave?  I honestly have no idea.

Google Wave ImageI accepted the invitation and have an account but that’s about it.  I have yet to have a discussion on there and have no idea how to get involved in one, let alone start one.  I was trying to add friends to my contact list but can’t seem to do that.  Literally, I open it up, look at the pretty columns and close it again because I just do not know what to do.  I have open invitations now too but I have not announced this fact because I do not want anyone else to feel the same way I do about Google Wave – that it just leaves me scratching my head with wonder at what I’m supposed to do with it.

Others seem to have adapted to it just fine, so maybe it’s me.  Maybe no one wants to include me in their Wave.  I’m perfectly fine with that, if that is the case.  I just do not like understanding the latest new communication technology.  I do consider myself pretty tech-savvy, so my frustration is due solely because I can’t figure out this Wave thing.  Then I have to ask, if I am having so many problems understanding it, and I feel fairly adept at all forms of online communication, what are others experiencing?  Do you like it?  Do you not?  Is it worth the time and effort to get familiar with it? 

Feel free to weigh in here and give me your thoughts?  Ditch it now?  Keep at it and eventually I will understand how fabulous Google Wave is?  Is anyone else as frustrated at me about this program?  Let me know what you think!

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