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It was one rough week – long hours at work, late hours due to social obligations, extremely early hours in the morning for various reasons.  I was so thankful it was Friday that I almost cried tears of joy.  My happiness increased exponentially when I opened my mailbox and saw a package for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap!
Jess at Find the Time to Read was my Secret Santa this year, and I have to say that she did an awesome job! 
Picture of Holiday Present
The bookmark is great.  The quote, “Happiness is not a destination.  It is a method of life.” by Burton Hills is absolutely perfect for summarizing my year of growth and development (that is for another post).  Chocolates, because one can never have enough, holiday pencils, because there is a dearth of pencils in the house for whatever reason, and best of all, Evermore!  This has been on my Wish List for quite some time now.  When I opened up the wrapping, I gave a squeal of delight and knew that it would be coming to Texas with me for the holidays. 
So, thank you, Jess, for making my day and my week!  I couldn’t have planned a better ending to it. 

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