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I did it!  I did it!  I finished a challenge!!  This one started on the first day of fall (hence the title “Fall Into Reading”) and required us to read any number of books we have been wanting to read but have not yet had the chance to do so.  I did not sign up for that many books – eight in all – because I wanted to keep to a realistic number, but considering I started my eighth, and largest, book on the list last Sunday, I am amazed I finished at all.  Yet, I did, and that fills me with hope that I will be able to finish the many challenges for which I signed up in 2010!
My favorite book by far was the last one I read, Outlander.  People had been recommending it to me for months now, and it was the first one on the list of books I wanted to finish during the challenge.  I saved it for last due to its size and because with that much hype, I was slightly afraid that it would not live up to all the raving.  It did, and I am forever grateful to people recommending it to me.  I finished the 800+ page book in five days, and I didn’t even bring it to work!  If you haven’t yet picked up the Outlander series, I highly recommend it!
As for all the other books I read during the challenge and my thoughts about them, they can be found in the list below. 

My list never deviated from the moment I chose the books.  Some of them I did not like as much as the others, but I am glad that I read all of them.  Many were those that I knew I wanted to read but just needed a little extra incentive to pick them up versus others on my list.  The Fall Into Reading Challenge was that extra push I needed.  Thank you to Katrina at Callipidder Days for hosting this great challenge!

Did anyone else participate in this challenge?  How did you do?

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