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It’s been a long week, folks, and unfortunately, these last two days are going to be just as long.  Thankfully, Booking Through Thursday is here to break up some of the tension and let me have some fun!

What items have you ever used as a bookmark? What is the most unusual item you’ve ever used or seen used?

I love bookmarks.  I have five or six that I use constantly – beautiful, sturdy ones that fit into any book but will not damage the pages or the spine.  For some reason, if I do not have a bookmark, I will not mark my spot in a book.  I guess I would rather only use a bookmark versus anything else.  (Trust me – it isn’t a conscious decision on my part.  I just realized this when writing the answer to the question.)  I have even gone so far as to use bookmarks for textbooks too. 

My husband, however, is a completely different animal.  He uses whatever is handy – bills, photos, magazine inserts, receipts.  I’ve also seen someone use a food wrapper, a belt, a toy.  He definitely lives by the first-thing-I-see rule when it comes to marking his spot in a book!  I’m your traditional bookmark snob. 

What about you?  Bookmark snob or whatever is handy?

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