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I opted to skip last week due to the holiday and trying to stay away from my laptop as much as possible.  I’m back and ready to play along with this weekly thinking game!

But enough about you, what about ME?

Today’s question?

What’s your favorite part of Booking Through Thursday? Why do you participate (or not)?

I love Booking Through Thursday!  It not only symbolizes the rapid advancement of the weekend, it offers me an opportunity to reflect on the books I’ve read and truly analyze my feelings towards them.  I can revisit favorites and remember why I liked them.  It also affords me a chance to remember what was happening in my life when I read each book.  In this day, when everyone is so focused on the future, getting through momentous piles of books, and just living day by day, we do not look back to the past as often as we probably should.  Booking Through Thursday allows us to do just that.

I started participating in BTT as a way to get out there in the book blogging world, to advertise my name and my blog, if you will, in an effort to meet like-minded bloggers and generate some interest in my blog.  Since then, my reasons for participating each week have drastically changed.  I participate because I want to do so, not for any other motives.  If no one visits my blog, I am okay with that because I am participating for me.  I love BTT because it allows me to reflect on the past, reading habits and other, in a way that I do not often get to do.  I enjoy the chance to reminisce and share my experiences with others.  This is my reason for continuing to participate in Booking Through Thursday.

Time for you to share – What are your reasons?  What is your favorite part of this weekly meme?  Have I made this fun meme to personal and deep? 

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