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This idea comes from Dewey’s own Weekly Geek idea list which she shared on her blog, and which I, thankfully, swiped before her blog was removed and can now glean from as I ponder new and hopefully fun Weekly Geek tasks.

Dewey worded it this way, “find and review a link to a book podcast.” I’m modifying this just a bit and am asking you to share with us a podcast you love, preferably book related, but not necessarily so. Give us the link, of course, and share with us details about that podcast and why you enjoy it so much. If you have a couple or three favorites, share them all!

Then, as the week goes on, check out every one’s suggestions, find time to listen to a few, then come back and let us know what you discovered, and if you’ve found a new favorite podcast.

If you don’t listen to podcasts at all, tell us why, or what it would take to peak your interest in them. Perhaps you could do as Dewey suggests, and do a little research (Google book podcasts) and find one, then post on your blog what you discover and if you liked it or not.

I have never gotten into the whole podcast thing.  I want to do so, but as in tune as I am with the latest and greatest in the online world, I confess that I just do not understand podcasts.  What exactly are they?  How do they differ from audio books?  Why are they popular? 

So, rather than me taking the time to do a little research, which I do not have this week, I open this up to my fellow bloggers to help me understand just what they are, why they are appealing and recommendations for dipping my toes into the world of podcasts.   If I were to download one podcast, what would you recommend?  When do you listen to podcasts?  What got you started in them? 

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