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I mentioned that last week was going to be a bear, and it was.  On top of all of the activities that are a regular part of our life these days, we also dealt with the pain that is remodeling.  I knew that carpet removal was going to be bad.  I did not expect it to affect every member of the family, including the dogs.  We were all on edge, discombobulated and just completely out of our element for the entire week.  Unfortunately, we did not truly recover until this weekend.  Thankfully, the house is completely put back together again, and the carpets look fabulous.  Along with the new carpets, the deep cleaning the rest of the house received and the rearranging of furniture, I feel like I am in love with my house again!

Given the unrest that existed in our house last week, I was a horrible blogger.  I didn’t even turn on my computer from about Tuesday until yesterday afternoon.  I did not have the time or energy to do so, as all I wanted was to get my house in order (lesson learned – I crumble in chaos).  This meant that I was able to finish quite a bit of reading: Across the Endless River by Thad Carhart, The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson, and Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom.  This also means that I now owe three reviews, which I will get to eventually.  I only have two more books to complete for the Fall Into Reading Challenge, which I hope to complete before the weekend is out.  Thanks to a lighter reading schedule for my book club, I feel like I’m able to balance review books, challenge books and other books I want to read much better than I have been able to do in the past.  We shall see if this continues.

Thanksgiving will see me visiting my baby bro and his family.  This will be our first time staying with them.  We typically stay with my parents, who live twenty minutes away, but as their children are now older, we really want the cousins to be friends.  I’m looking forward to getting away, not having to cook for Thanksgiving, and relaxing.  We also have a six-hour drive in each direction, which means plenty of time for reading.  I’m not certain exactly what I will be bringing with me, but I guarantee that I will be packing more than one book!  It’s definitely my favorite part about traveling!

I hope everyone has a great holiday this week.  Enjoy your time with your loved ones and away from work.  This is the time of year where we are supposed to count our blessings but feel pressure to get everything done for the holidays.  I hope you all take the time to relax and find some time to enjoy being you this week. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and happy reading!

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