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In spite of the Packers’ loss to Tampa Bay today, this has been a great week.  Namely, I have amazing friends – the kind of friends who will not only help me plan a surprise birthday party for my husband, they will do everything from host it to plan the menu to prepare the food.  Without them, I would have never been able to put together a party in such a short period of time, let alone a surprise party.  As for the surprise itself, it went off without a hitch.  He has never had a surprise party in his entire life, a failing that I vowed one day to remedy.  I mentioned this in passing to my friends at work not more than eleven days ago, and the result was last night’s party.  It was awesome, and he was incredibly touched by everyone’s participation.
Actually, now that I type this, I feel like this week passed by in such a blur that I find it difficult to remember what else happened.  I finished and reviewed two books.  I finished The Moonstone today in anticipation of The Classics Circuit Wilkie Collins Tour.  (Mr. Collins makes his way to my blog on November 30th, so stay tuned.)  I ranted about the mass shooting spree at Fort Hood. 
Oh – parent-teacher conferences.  That was a large part of this week’s after school activities.  Apparently, my daughter is a bit of a chatterbox, and my son still has some of his superiority complex.  Given that my daughter will talk your ear off, and my son still brags about being moved up a grade, three years after it happened, neither of these two complaints came as complete surprises to either my husband or to me.  Their grades are good, and they continue to participate and enjoy school.  We can work through the other issues.  As long as they enjoy school, I’ll consider the year a success so far!

There was quite a bit of chatter/debate this week about leaving comments, what it takes to be a good blogger, and so forth.  Honestly, I found myself shying away from Twitter because of some of the discussions.  Here’s my take on it all.  I read and respond to every comment I receive.  I do not expect this in return because honestly, we all have lives and precedences.  I realize that not every takes commenting and responding as seriously as I do, and therefore I am okay with not getting a response from someone.  I don’t care.  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment on something I said, and I try to show that.  That’s my number one priority.  As for so-called blogging cliques or blogging “whores”, all I have to say is…really?  Is this what we’re debating these days?  Does it really matter that someone only gives away books in order to get more followers or that certain bloggers spend a large majority of their time talking together on Twitter or Google Wave or running various challenges?  Who cares?  Again, I have vowed to never have a giveaway; actually, never say never because I am thinking about having one to celebrate my blog-iversary in January.  But, I will not force people to follow me in order to enter.  To me, why are you blogging?  To get followers or because you want to do it?  Also, if there is a supposed blogging clique that bothers you, stop following them.  Stop paying attention to them.  No one is forcing you to participate in their challenges and events.  So don’t get upset that the same few people seem to be involved in everything.

Yes, these are harsh words, but I get back to the fact that I am doing this for myself and no other.  As I mentioned to a friend on her blog, would I like to have hundreds of followers?  Yes, definitely.  I would feel validated that I am making a difference, and that what I have to say actually interests other people.  Am I willing to design what I write in order to get those followers?  No, I am not.  Then this blog would not be a reflection of who I am but rather would reflect what others expect of me.  It would become work rather than something fun to do.  I am amazed at the pressure bloggers feel to get more followers or become popular like other bloggers.  I do not understand from where this pressure generates.  If we each got back to the basic reason we started to blog in the first place, what got us excited about it and what kept us going day after day, then I have a feeling that this pressure would disappear. 

Am I crazy here?  Am I the only one who has been a little put off by some of the discussions this week?  Or am I overly sensitive on this topic, for some reason?

I received another beautiful award from my wonderful blogger friend, Sarbear
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I think I’m blushing!  Thanks, Hon!  I know I’m supposed to pass it along to up to nine other bloggers who fit the bill, but honestly, every one I follow I find alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring!  For that reason, I pass this along to everyone listed under My Blog List.

As for the upcoming week, I’m hoping to get some major reading done.  I have another business trip this week.  For the first time ever, I will be traveling without homework or studying to do.  This means that I can pack nothing but novels.  And, since this trip is two nights rather than one, I get two nights in a hotel by myself in which I can do nothing but read.  Have I mentioned how much I love business trips?  As for what I will be reading, other than The Three Musketeers for my book club, I have no idea, and that thought just thrills me to no end.  So many from which to choose, that the possibilities are exciting in and of themselves!

I hope everyone has a great evening and an even better week.  Happy reading!!

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