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I hope everyone had a fantastic week!  We left on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family.  They graciously welcomed us to their beautiful new home, cooked a fabulous spread and in general allowed us to relax and enjoy their company.  I loved spending time with my adorable nephew and niece too!  It was a great getaway. 
Thanks to nap times for my aforementioned niece and nephew, I was able to start and finish quite a few books this week: Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman, Spellbinder by Helen Stringer, and The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel.  I started my chosen book for The Classics Circuit’ Elizabeth Gaskell Tour and was able to put a hurt on my book club book.  I also weeded through the various 2010 challenges and decided which ones in which I want to participate.  We shall see just how well I do!
Speaking of accomplishments, I did sign up for the ominous third exam in my certification process.  January 23rd is the day.  I am a little uncertain about that date because it is literally following budget week, during which I get to spend my days in meetings with account managers and upper management as they negotiate their sales budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.  It is a painfully long albeit necessary process, one that will not afford me much free time for studying.  I guess this means I need to start studying sooner rather than later.  Sigh.

I really need to start Christmas shopping.  I have ideas but have not actually purchased anything yet, and that includes for my Secret Santa in the blog world.  I am finding it rather difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year, though.  Unfortunately, I am not certain why.  I hate fighting the crowds, and knowing that we will be gone for the holidays puts a damper on me wanting to decorate or bake.  Hopefully, once I get started, I will break out of this ennui.  How about you?  How is everyone doing on their holiday shopping?  Does anyone else get rather unenthusiastic about the holidays, or is it just me? 

That’s about it for me.  I wish everyone a wonderful week to come and happy reading!

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