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I suppose this should be a Sunday Salon post.  But I’ll do that later.  My brain has been completely warped by the fabulousness that is New Moon.  Have you seen it yet?  Then you know exactly what I mean. 

Yes, I took a half-day of vacation on Friday to see it with one of my closest girlfriends from work.  You would think that we were both about to get married by how giddy we were all morning long.  We were both skipping and jumping around.  I was hiding my “Bite Me/ “I Love Edward Cullen Official Fan Club” t-shirt from my boss.  My Pocket Edward was displayed proudly for all to see.  As soon as the clock turned 12 PM, we were like Cinderella and made a mad dash for the theater.  We had great seats, thanks to pre-ordering them several weeks ago.  We were both surprised at the median age and make-up of the audience.  Having gone to see Twilight at the same theater and at the same time last year on its opening day, the audience was mostly upper-twenties, lower-thirties and female – just like us.  This time, many older fans were in the audience.  My girlfriend had a sixty-year old woman sitting next to her, and I had the male part of a fifty-ish couple sitting next to me.  We were both surprised, delighted but still surprised at the mass appeal to all generations and both sexes.

Yes, My Pocket Edward came with me to view the movie.  He was gracious enough to hold my drink for me.

Pocket Edward holds my drink
 Isn’t he the gentleman?
(My seat neighbor thought I was crazy for having My Pocket Edward with me, until his wife spoke up and mentioned she wanted one too.)  My Pocket Edward then hung out on the cup holder, or as my friend put it, he was on the “edge of his seat” with anticipation.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of him hanging out without upsetting way too many people, and I wasn’t about ready to chance getting kicked out the theater.
So what did Pocket Edward and I think?  Let me put it to you this way –
Pocket Edward Touchdown
It was PERFECT!!!  I loved it so much I saw it twice this weekend!  Chris Weitz got it SO right.  KStew did not annoy the pants off of me this time.  I thought she was spot-on in her depression and barely-able-to-function moments.  Just like with the book, my heart literally ached the entire time Edward was gone.  The parting scene (both of them) put me right on the verge of tears.  Taylor – What can I say?  He was SOOOOO fantastic that I did have my doubts about staying Team Edward (the naked, ripped pecs, biceps, and abs did not hurt either – please turn 18 soon kthnxbai).  I loved the chemistry between Bella and Jacob.  They have an easiness and lightness between them that works perfectly.  Speaking of chemistry, that between Bella and Edward seems to have been cranked up a few notches.  I love how the dialogue was not cheesy this time but still managed to portray the depths of their feelings with a few simple lines.  RPattz was amazing in his ability to show his conflicting pain, longing, love, and torture with merely his eyes.  The Volturi – Seriously fun and creepy and exactly how I pictured them. 
Kudos to Chris Weitz and the special effects.  The wolves are phenomenal.  I was so worried about them because they could have made or broken the movie.  All of the special effects are so realistic, at one point in time I found myself wishing that I could put my feet into the wolves’ fur to warm them up because their fur looks so fuzzy!  This whole movie was just so much better.  From the make-up to the dialogue to the characters themselves – everything was perfect.  I have absolutely no complaints about the entire film.  I can die happy knowing that this is exactly how I pictured the book. 
June 30th is the release date for Eclipse.  Given the amazing job done on this one, and knowing that it is my favorite book out of the four, it is going to be one horrendously long agonizing wait until June.  I’m going to have to console myself by seeing New Moon yet again.  Who’s with me?
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