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No.  I did not see the movie last night.  According to reports from the release of Twilight, the theaters are packed with nothing but screaming, shrill, overly emotional teenagers who do nothing but shriek each time Robert Pattinson walks on screen.  No. Thank. You.  For the first movie, several girls from work and I took a half-day of vacation and went to an early afternoon show.  The theater was practically empty, and the audience consisted of nothing but adults.  I could actually hear the movie and savor the (sappy) dialogue. 

Considering how much success we had for the first movie, we took the same action plan for New Moon.  I will be leaving work early to see the 12:50 PM show.  When I bought the tickets several weeks ago, there were more empty seats available than full ones, so I imagine we’ll have the same pleasurable experience.  I’m trying to go on news lockdown right now, so as to not spoil anything, but I have heard that for the fans, it is pretty much universally adored.  (Twilight still had its detractors.)  I get more and more excited as the minutes tick past.  And yes, I pulled out my “Edward Cullen Fan/Bite Me” shirt AND My Pocket Edward is my date. 

12:50 PM can’t come fast enough!

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