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I’m back home again after a short business trip to Minneapolis for my women’s leadership group.  Normally, I really enjoy these trips.  They are short enough where I do not get a chance to miss my children horribly but long enough that I get some much-needed alone.  For some reason, I didn’t enjoy myself this time.  I missed my family, my friends.  I even missed work.  Go figure.

A large part of this women’s leadership group is development and self-awareness.  I now know that I am opinionated and forthright.  I am not afraid to share my opinion, and I know that this can rub certain people the wrong way.  So, while I have met some wonderful women and have made some great friends, I do realize that there are others in the group who wish I would just shut my mouth and be quiet.  Because I am now self-aware enough to realize this, it makes for an emotionally exhausting day to subconsciously battle this.  I don’t know why, but it really bothered me this time.  I found myself slipping into my anti-social tendencies, dreaming about taking a sandwich back to the hotel room and hiding from the world.  I didn’t do that, but I was so tempted. 

By halfway through the second day, I missed my friends and I missed my family terribly.  I missed being surrounded by those who know exactly who I am and love and accept me as I am.  I never realized how they support me and boost me up.  It is such a wonderful feeling to understand just how lucky I am.  I am going to luxuriate in my family and my friends and enjoy being home!

Does anyone else experience this when on business trips?   Am I just slow on the uptake here?  Does anyone else experience such exhaustion when traveling or in emotional situations?

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