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I know my husband used to think that just because I’ve never met a person face-to-face, they couldn’t be a real friend.  Five years later, I chat with some of my book club friends almost every day on one forum or another; we’ve gone through so much, offering advice and cheering each other on through successes and heartbreak.  They are very much my friends, even if I might never meet them. 

Now that I’ve been blogging, I found that this still holds true even among bloggers.  The chances of me meeting some of these people are slim to none, but sometimes, the souls recognize true friends even through the Internet.  Sarbear, at My Life is an Effing Fairy Tale, is just one of those who I would be glad to count among my friends, among others.  We have similar tastes and outlooks on life and just clicked, albeit online, almost immediately.  And she dedicated an entire post to me.  She definitely knows me – maybe a little too well!  Thanks, Sarbear!  This definitely made my day!!

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