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I can’t decide if this was a good day or not.

It’s Friday, and we have two days with nothing on the calendar.  I started out the morning truly happy at the thought of this. Then I found out a colleague had her baby, as did a friend’s sister-in-law.  Even better news because there is nothing better than a new baby!

Tonight is my fifteen-year high school reunion.  Fifteen years ago, I scoffed at the thought of ever seeing my high school friends again.  I did not end my high school career on very good terms with pretty much anyone.  I felt misunderstood and unappreciated and in general felt like I just did not fit in with anyone.  I stopped talking to anyone I knew and ignored my fellow alumni as much as possible.  And then the miracle of Facebook happened.  It turns out that high school was miserable for everyone, and those with whom I thought I had nothing in common are those with whom I converse most frequently these days.  I’ve even gotten a fellow alum to join my online book club!  Fifteen years ago, I never thought I would ever want to attend a high school year reunion, and tonight, I wish I was there seeing everyone live and in person again.  Funny how time changes our perspectives, isn’t it?

I’ve been reading a lot about Dewey’s read-a-thon this year.  Unfortunately, as much as the thought of twenty-four hours of reading is more than appealing to me, it just isn’t in the cards for me.  That is the day of my second test, which is a whopping four hours this time.  The read-a-thon would be one-quarter over by the time I get home.  And when I told my husband about it, he looked at me as if I had grown a second head.  So, I’ve decided to just be a cheerleader this time, and hopefully I can participate during the next one.  To say that I’m bummed is an understatement.  Participating in spirit just isn’t the same.

My co-worker came back this week.  She’s lost a lot of weight and just looks so frail and fragile.  I’m trying to do everything possible to ease her workload, but she is so stubborn that I can foresee her trying to do too much too soon.  It pains me to see her holding herself so carefully.

And then we found out that a good friend of ours was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  She is due to give birth to her second child in March.  She is twenty-eight.  Twenty-eight!!?!  We are absolutely heartbroken at this news, even though we know that it has one of the best survival rates.  Unfortunately, because of her pregnancy, we still do not know which stage she is in, nor do we know what is going to happen with her treatment.  Please keep her in your prayers.

To say that this news quickly brought my own issues into very sharp perspective.  Tonight, I am going to sit with my husband, keep working on my flashcards, and give thanks for my health and my family.   And I’m going to stop whining because I can’t participate in a read-a-thon.  It’s nothing compared to what others are facing.

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