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I haz a sad LOLcat ImageBut Michelle, you say, how can you be on a blogging ban when you are posting something right now?  That is because I am explaining to my dear friends why my Google reader is getting ridiculously full of unread messages and why I have a mini-heart attack every time I see the number of unread posts (because the OCD side of me hates – and I mean hates – unread messages).
Test time is right around the corner – not this Saturday but the next one – and I have done a very good job of procrastinating…again.  This means that rather than posting and reading everyone else’s posts and just having a fun time playing on the Internet, I get to bruise my thumb and fingers writing out another 100 flashcards by the end of the weekend.  So, I may be online posting something here or there in order to give my poor hand a break, but I just can’t afford to spend the hours of time online like I want.  I promise that I will be back in full force after my exam!!  I’m taking at least one month off from studying (maybe longer depending on how I do), so I plan to get caught up and read.
So, I’m not ditching my lovely Internet friends.  I’m paying for playing with you all over the past six weeks!  It majorly sucks.  You guys are MUCH more fun…
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