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Book Cover Image: The Fury and Dark Reunion by L. J. Smith

Title:  The Vampire Diaries #3 and 4 – The Fury and Dark Reunion

Author:  L. J. Smith

No. of Pages:  E-Book

First Released:  January 2008

Synopsis (Courtesy of B&N):  Elena: transformed, the golden girl has become what she once feared and desired.

Stefan: tormented by losing Elena, he’s determined to end his feud with Damon once and for all—whatever the cost. But slowly he begins to realize that his brother is not his only enemy.

Damon: at last, he possesses Elena. But will his thirst for revenge against Stefan poison his triumph? Or can they come together to face one final battle?

Comments and Critiques:  I wasn’t planning on finishing either one of these books quite so soon, but it just sort of happened.  I was reading them between quarters during soccer games, in stopped traffic (I always put down my phone when it starts up again – I promise!!).  Then, this morning, I was too lazy to go upstairs and get my other book, and since I had these downloaded to my phone, which is almost always near at hand, I had something to read without having to go upstairs. (I get the beauty of online books now.)  Next thing I know, I’ve finished both books. It’s a testament to Ms. Smith’s books that I kept reading them without really noticing. 

Since these are the third and fourth books in the series, I am afraid of spoiling something.  However, I will say that Ms. Smith definitely takes the road less traveled and packs some very powerful surprises at the reader.  I still do not really care about the individual characters (although I now have very distinct pictures of Stefan and Damon thanks to the WB), but the story itself is so…intriguing.  It’s definitely not Buffy or Twilight or any other vampire book I’ve read.  I’ll admit that I do not spend a lot of time trying to solve the mysteries; I read them purely to escape and pass the time.  These definitely do the trick.  I’m uncertain the direction the fifth book is taking, but as Ms. Smith has gotten me this far and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, I’m going to trust her wisdom and continue to read the series.  At this point in time, I have to find out what happens to Stefan, Elana, and Damon! 

On a side note, I’m torn on the WB show.  It has Boone from Lost – HUGE plus.  And the guy playing Stefan?  Hello!!  But they’ve changed just enough that it bothers me.  I’m pretty sure that they are not going to be able to follow the books at all, so it will be interesting to see the direction that the series takes. 

This is just a fun series for any vampire/ supernatural/ YA fan.  As I mentioned earlier, it isn’t going to win any prizes, but it is a great way to pass the time.  I definitely recommend this to any vampirophiles!

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