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I mentioned a few weeks ago how much I like my boss.  Even though he doesn’t think so, I do consider him my mentor.  Unfortunately, he does have one fault.  He’s a Minnesota Vikings fan.  And I am not.  In fact, I am a Green Bay Packer fan and have been for my entire life.  Tonight, my beloved Pack play the Vikings.  My boss started talking smack around 2 PM today, even though I was going to be nice.  Depending on the outcome, I was not going to gloat, but after today?  Bring it on.

I noticed last football season that my boss would ask me about various games and was really interested in my thoughts on various games.  So I realized last year that I needed to start paying more attention to football this season.  But he just brought it to a whole new level.  So now I have to watch the game…the entire game…no matter what the score or the outcome.  And to be honest, my Pack needs me tonight.  It’s going to be an interesting game.

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Go Pack Go!!

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