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I am taking a momentary break from the blogging ban to participate in this weekly event.  Then I will be immediately staying away from the Internet, specifically Blogger and my Google Reader in an effort to cram as much information into my brain as possible.  (I feel even more unprepared than for the last exam, and it is an extremely unsettling experience.) 

Anyway, this week’s question is an interesting one:

If you could ask your favorite author (alive or dead) one question … who would you ask, and what would the question be?

This, unfortunately, requires knowing who your favorite author is.  How can I choose just one?  And my brain is so focused on financial statements, budgeting processes, and profitability analysis these days that I’m finding it difficult to even pick one author.  Let’s see…I would have to go with Stephenie Meyer (in the kitchen with the knife – oh, sorry, wrong game) because really, the story of how she became a published author is one of the best stories ever.  

What wouldn’t I ask Stephenie Meyer?  How about “Can I be your bestest friend ever?”  Too stalker-ish?  Well then, “Can you please take me to see Muse live and in person when they play in Europe and then have me meet RPattz and Taylor Lautner?”  Again, those questions would probably get me thrown out of the interview room. 

Hmmm….this is tough.  Since she has become so famous, she’s really gone back into her shell in an effort to protect her privacy and her family, for which I do not blame her.  In addition, when she was becoming famous, she was asked and answered pretty much every question known to man.  How can I ask something insightful and thought-provoking when I already know quite a bit about her thanks to previous interviews?  So, if I was ever given the opportunity to interview Stephenie, I would have to ask mundane questions, like “what music are you listening to now, and is it influencing any current works in progress?” and “what are you reading now that you would recommend to adult fans?”

Okay, so now we all know I am not the world’s greatest interviewer.  (Again, in my defense, I stand by the fact that I am extremely distracted this week.)  While I stand by the fact that Stephenie and I should be best friends based solely on viewpoints on life and musical/literary tastes, I really do not want to be arrested on stalking charges.  So, can you help me?  I’m curious what others would ask, either of Stephenie or of their favorite author.  What would you ask Ms. Meyer?  Who would you interview and what would you ask? 

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