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Yay for Sundays!!  Things remain chaotic at the Shannon household these days.  Soccer and ballet and piano, oh my!!  Yesterday included the additional stress of hosting the party for my co-workers and boss.  Even though roughly twenty people came, and we didn’t have the menu set until four hours before people arrived, I am happy to report that everything went off without a hitch, in spite of my extreme stressing.  (I finally got smart yesterday morning and asked four of my friends to bring the appetizers rather than have to find time to fit those into the preparations as well.)  I got bonus points for having Johnny Walker Red on hand, and my boss loved my leather recliner.  The chili was a hit, as were the burgers, brownies and cake.  Two-and-a-half bottles of wine, a 2/3 bottle of vodka, a half bottle of gin, 1/3 bottle of scotch, a few shots of tequila and two cases of beer later, the last guests left around 2 AM.  Today’s agenda?  Relax, relax, relax (and recover).
Tomorrow starts my husband’s first day at his new job at my company.  No more second or third shift work and no more working weekends.  It will be the first time in twenty-seven months where this will occur.  We both realize that there is going to be an adjustment period for us all.  I have to get used to sleeping in the same bed with him again and not having the evenings to myself, and he needs to switch his circadian rhythms around again, but it will be nice having him home more often…or at least seeing him awake.
Hopefully, this new job means a better week next week.  This past one was rough.  My coworker/partner went in for surgery and I believe is fighting cancer.  This is the woman who hired me four years ago and was my mentor during the first three years on the job.  I used to work for her until they did some restructuring, and we are now each other’s back-up in case one of us is out.  I found out about this surgery and her short-term sick leave three days before she left, and I still do not know when she is coming back.  The stress of filling in for her, and the double work load, is compounded by my concern for her as a friend.  Added to that, the first three days of this week were filled with off-site meetings and after-hour events.  I got absolutely no studying done at all this week with being at the meetings, having to get through the backlog of work after the meetings and just trying to stay on task for the remaining time.  I do not think I had a conversation longer than five minutes with my husband until Saturday morning, and I barely saw my children for longer than an hour each day.  Not a good week.
Book Cover Image: How to Catch and Keep a VampireThe highlight of my week?  Receiving this in the mail!  How cool (and perfect) is this?!?  I requested it from the publisher but had not heard from them.  While at B&N on Friday, killing some time and spending more money on books before going out to dinner with the girls, I saw it on a table of new releases and was tempted to pick it up.  I’m glad I didn’t because it was waiting for me on the front stoop when I got home.  I not only did a happy dance, I devoured the first chapter right then and there.  But since I want to savor it properly, I’m going to wait until things die down a bit (i.e. finish taking the second exam) to truly enjoy this one.
As seen by that, not only did I not get any studying done, I’m also behind on my reading.  I didn’t finish anything this week.  I got scolded by a publisher for not reading a book/writing a review for one still on my TBR pile.  This week is Banned Book Week, and I have to start at least the one I want to read for that.  I’m now two weeks behind on Of Human Bondage for my online book club.  And did I mention I am now five days behind in studying?  Yeah, another exam in a month, and I barely passed the last one.  I know what I’ll be doing once I finish here.
I Read Banned Books ButtonNext week should see me in a normal routine…well, more normal than what we’ve experienced in the past.  I’m hoping to be better able to use my time wisely during the day to squeeze in some much-needed study time.  And I hope to be better able to concentrate on my studying rather than be so easily distracted as I have been.  I’m going to keep plowing away at Of Human Bondage, but I’m going to focus on my banned book list to help celebrate this important week.  I would really like to finish at least one book this week.  I feel so…incomplete…without having finished something in seven days!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and an even better week!  Happy reading, everyone!

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